10 Questions to Ask When Hiring a Digital Marketing Agency


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With countless digital marketing agencies online, how do you choose the right agency for your business? By asking the right questions. 

Here are some good questions to ask:

1. “How Large is Your Agency and How Long Have You Been in Business?”

A larger agency might offer an extensive team and resources, indicative of a comprehensive service offering.On the flip side, a smaller agency often comes with a more personalized touch, reducing the risk of your business getting lost in the expansive clients.

2. "Do you have experience with companies like us?"

Familiarity with your industry eliminates the need for the agency to embark on a learning curve about your sector. An experienced agency saves precious time and optimizes resources, directing efforts toward what truly matters – achieving your business goals.

3. "What will you need us to do?"

Understanding the agency's expectations from your end ensures a smooth working relationship. It could involve sharing specific data crucial for crafting targeted campaigns. 

4. “Can I see some examples of your previous work?”

Requesting evidence of their past successes, preferably in a similar industry, offers a tangible insight into their capabilities. Case studies outlines challenges faced, strategies devised, and the ultimate victories achieved. 

5. “How Do You Measure And Track Results?”

Website traffic might be a metric, but the real question is whether that traffic translates into engagement and conversions. Conversion rates might be a number, but the deeper inquiry is how they contribute to your ROI. Social media engagement is important, but its significance lies in how it aligns with your customer engagement goals.

6. "How long before we see results?"

Clarifying the timeline for seeing tangible results sets realistic expectations. You get to know whether the agency is focused on quick wins or long-term strategies.Long-term strategies, on the other hand, require more patience but could lay the groundwork for sustained success.

7. “How does your team stay up to date?”

Trends ebb and flow, algorithms change, and technologies evolve. An agency's dedication to staying abreast of these shifts is vital for success. Whether through regular training sessions, subscriptions to industry publications, or attendance at conferences, a team committed to staying current is invested in delivering strategies that stand the test of time.

8. “What project management tools do you use?”

Knowing the tools an agency employs gives you insight into its organizational strengths. It is not enough to know a list of softwares but how they help an agency work better. Whether it's the simplicity of Trello,or the task-oriented Asana, the choice of tools tells of an agency approach to organization and collaboration.

9. “What Are Your Company’s Values, and Do They Align With Ours?”

When your values align with those of an agency, it transforms collaboration from exchange of services to integration of ideals, where each step is taken with mutual understanding and respect. Moreover, values alignment sets the stage for smooth communication and shared decision-making. 

10. "What is the overall cost of hiring a digital marketing agency?"

Understanding the breakdown of costs, potential additional fees, and the expected return on investment ensures there are no surprises down the road. It also helps you stay within your budget. 


Hiring a digital marketing agency is not just about finding a service provider but a strategic partner. Finding the right fit takes time, but with the right questions, you can find your perfect fit. 


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